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Celebrating Poetry

The poem for the month of  January is "I Saw a Mountain" . . . . 

A mountain stood upon the spot

Where I now stand;

Relieved of cliffs it once embraced,

Beaten to death,

Crushed beneath the wheel,

Its permanence denied;

It is gone, it is lost within an ocean

That neither you nor I can see;

Nothing left but an image

Etched upon the plate of memory

Which fades a little more

Each time it is recalled.


Its atoms tremble in the night,

Thrown for miles by random winds

And dropped upon the desert floor:

They are ashes, they are dust,

They are the mountain I once saw.




I saw a mountain in my mind,

An imposing monument

And, in a moment, I saw it die.


That vision would not submit

To the words and thoughts

That marched through my mind

In close formation;

Reason drowned in a sea of what I saw;

I couldn’t move and, in my panic,

Sought comfort in the myth

Of lineal experience;

I looked for reassurance in my belief

That something follows something else

And every moment supersedes

The river of moments that came before

But I found no solace in that conceit:

It made no sense to me.




I am lost upon the very spot

Where a mountain died so long ago,

Whose heavy bones were ground to sand

And yet I see it still: I see a mountain

Where none exists and I see, as well,

The shifting dunes that stand in place of it;

A mountain crumbles, grain by grain,

But, even so, I also see

A thousand moments thrown together;

A mound of sand becomes a stair;

I take a step and then another,

I climb, I rise, I walk from star to star

And, far below, I see a world I never saw:

A sprawling forest grows

Where once a mountain stood.

"I Saw a Mountain" first appeared in Lunch Ticket, December, 2021. 

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